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Artificial Intelligence for your sales teams. Get the edge!

Omniom Predictive Sales Overview

Get better insights to your data

with predictive sales views

Predictive Sales

Predict which sales are most likely to close and concentrate your time where it is most useful

Better Forecasting

Data Driven forecasting, we take the guesswork and intuition out of sales forecasting

Better Leads

Predictive lead analysis isolates and predicts who your best leads are and why

Sales Intelligence

New views that combine your sales intelligence data to let you peak between the lines

Predictive Targeting

Predictive Targeting helps you focus on the business areas or verticals that will have the greatest impact

Natural Language

We deliver lots of data to you in an easy to understand format and presentation


How it works

Deploying Predictive Sales is a snap!



This is not just software, we create a whole system to help you get ready for predictive sales

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

We use the sales intelligence data you already have to create your first predictive sales views



Now it's time to roll out your new predictive views to your sales team and get those tomorrow deals today



Your new sales process integrated with predictive sales data will give your company the competitive edge

How It Works

Becoming a Predictive Force

How analytics can help sales

More Selling Time

Omniom provides relevant business intelligence to your sales rep freeing up valuable selling time

Better Insights

With better insights you know where to spend your time

Increased Revenue

Focus on prospects who are you best potential cutsomers

Data-Centric Forecasting

Data-centric forecast models that increase forecast dependability

Predictive Deal Scoring

Predict what deals will close and who is at risk at each step in the sales cycle

Real time insight

Get updated insights as new data comes in

More Reasons
Data Integration

Using Your Data

Omniom provides data integration services to your most trusted sales intelligence tools. This data will then be used to build predictive sales views.

Sales Plans

Creating a Data Driven Sales Force

We help sales migrate into becoming world class data driven sales forces by implementing new strategies that incorporate more relevant data into the sales cycle.


Predictive Sales Components

3 Areas of Expertise to get up and running


  • Free 1 Hour Consultation
  • Business Objectives
  • Sales Planning
  • Deployment Plan
  • Enablement

Data Modeling

  • Limited time 10% off
  • Data Integrity Check
  • Data Consulting
  • Data Integration
  • Data Management


  • Limited time 10% off
  • Design Services
  • Data Deployment
  • Sales Integration
  • Rollout


Common questions and answers
  • Is this a software or a service?

    Both. The needs and infrastructure are different at each company and require customization.

  • Is predictive sales new

    Predictive analytics has been around a long time, but are relatively new in the sales organization. We believe data analysis is the way modern sales teams will operate.

  • Do I need more data?

    You've most likely you have been collecting all the data to create predictive views for a long time. We will leverage what you have already created as your first step into your new sales data views.

  • This sounds awesome, how do we get started?

    Reach out to us on our contact form or email us at info@omniom.io to get started with your free consultation.


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More awesome predictive sales benefits

Predictive Sales Views

Find tomorrows customers today with predictive views

Predictive Rep Views

See who's deals are at risk and what the data says about the forecast

See between the lines

Recognize opportunity areas faster and engage with at-risk clients sooner

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